Another Monday Made It!

Well, after missing out on the past couple of weeks' linky parties, I am back up and running! Here are some of my latest projects...

I finally finished my READ letters! I didn't like the way that yellow ribbon was looking across the middles, so I printed off some yellow scrapbook paper I've downloaded and used that instead. :) I'm happy with it!

Here is my letter organizer for Word Work. Thanks to Nicole for the inspiration!
Aaaand, the totally famous teacher toolbox! Once again, mine is almost finished... I have my black spray paint - just need the temps to drop out of the 100s in order for me to get outside and cover up that navy blue! :)

This one, I can't take credit for - my hubby was a whisper-phone-making CHAMP this last week!! He made about 100 phones for my team and a friend. Whew! Luckily for us, he gets a discount at the supply place and has the pipe cutting tool in his stash o' stuff :) I jazzed mine up with a little duct tape. I can't wait to add these to my kids' book boxes!

Alright - I am officially STRESSED, you guys! Usually by now, I have completed my room set-up and I am working on Meet the Teacher night stuff... but I have barely even set foot in my room! And that was only to feed the baby... they were prepping my carpets for shampooing. AAAH! I need 2 of me... one to play with my sweet boy and one to get crackin' on my classroom. :(

Thanks for letting me get it out... I just may have to drag hubby up to school a couple of nights after he gets off of work - which I know is no fun for him b/c he works outside all day in this HOT HOT heat and he's POOPED! Poor guy.

Anywho... be sure to link up with Tara and share what you've been making! :)



Ready to SHOP?!?

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Thursday, July 19th) is the annual Mardel Teacher sale...

Mardel Education Sale

Have fun shopping!! I can't wait to see what you buy :)



Weather Chart FREEBIE!

Ok, here's another something cute I found on Pinterest that has no originating link!! Have you seen it?

Pinned Image
Click the pic to see my pin

Well....here's my interpretation of it! I haven't actually put it all together yet, but it should be close to the picture above. I'm thinking that the arrows are either put onto clothespins or little sticky clips. :) Feel free to snag your own free copy if you choose here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Weather-Chart-Freebie-768986




Bursting With Happiness FREEBIE!

Have you all seen this floating around Pinterest?

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Of course you have! There is no original source to credit (well, Mrs. Potter, I guess!)... and I made my own for this year. Feel free to download and use if you choose! Lemme know if you like it :)
Click on the pic to get your FREEBIE!
Happy Thursday!



Monday Made It :)

Monday is here again :-) Time for me to spend naptimes browsing all of your wonderful ideas so I can add some things to my to-do list!!

This morning, I was looking thru the first few blogs that had linked up with Tara, and came across Stephanie's post in which she shared her latest Vistaprint creations! This reminded me that I, too, had a Groupon just waiting to be used up! So, here are my purchases... they should be on their way to me any day! :)

We still use desktops at school (hope we get laptops soon - my desk is consumed by my monster of a computer monitor!), so I made a mousepad that will make me smile on even the hardest of days :)
These cute little stickers will grace the inside of my personal teacher books (and for-fun books) that I loan out!
These stickers will grace the fronts of my students' shirts on field trip days - you know, in case a kiddo chooses to wander away...! We usually write the info on a blue band to go around their wrist, but this will save me time and are much cuter!
My own lined notebook that coordinates with my lesson plan binder! :) Can't wait to doodle take important notes during meetings this year!
A window cling to put in the middle of the big ol' window I've got in my room... these are our school "rules," and now they'll be displayed cutely!
If you have the itch to create something fun for your classroom and/or home... click the Vistaprint link on the right side of my page and it'll take you right to their site! Have fun!!
There you  have it! I'm excited to see these things land on my doorstep! Link up by clicking Tara's button at the top and share what you've created :)

You can also join in Christina's great VistaPrint Linky below!



Currently July!

I am SUPER excited to be joining in the fun this month... I hope you get the chance to play, too!

Head on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade and link up with Farley... but be sure sure scroll ALL the way down and read her wonderful twist for this Currently :-)

Oh' boy fourth grade