Work on Writing I Chart

Here is the chart I made for my kiddos based on our Work on Writing lessons... click the pic to download if you think you can use it in your own classroom!

If you're interested in my Read to Self chart, check here! :) Let me know if you download it and like it!



Therapy & Freebie!

I am linking up again with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week... 2 posts combined into one :)

I know that I am a little late to the game, but my sweet baby came down with his first ear infection this week, and that leads to a very unhappy 4-month-old! :( Blogging took a back seat for a few days...

Anywho, here is how I unwind after a long day/week/month/year at school - my "therapy"!

Pedicures always make me happy!

Speaks for itself ;)

Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream... yum... my favorite!

But the best, best, BEST therapy for me??
Snuggles with this cutie pie!!

*************And now for your Friday Freebie!*************

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EDIT: The link is now closed, but please visit my TpT store to find the Making Words activity that so many people enjoy!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone, and link up if you can!!



I Must Have....

I love Teacher Week! I'm excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week to share fun ideas with wonderful teachers all around! :-)

Here are the things I must have for each day/year/start to school!

* Big ol' teacher notebook!
I love having all of my long range plans, weekly lesson plans, student info, meeting notes, etc. all in one handy-dandy location!

* New Mr. Sketch Markers

I love using these on my poster papers when working as a whole class... and the kiddos love the pick their favorite scent to write in! Anything to motivate :)

* Family pics
Looking at the sweet faces of my hubby, my baby, and my nephew (another nephew pic to be added soon!) give me the little extra boost I need on some rought days... y'all know what I mean!!

* Water!!!

I drink AT LEAST 4 of these bad boys full of water every day while at school... as well as 1 before school and several when I get home! And I don't use ice; I prefer my water lukewarm - weird?? I know!!!

* My new Silhouette Cameo!
I got this baby over the summer, and I can't get enough! I loved being able to label the boards in my classroom with my favorite fonts and fun papers rather than the same ol' punch out letters that everyone has :)

* Netflix!!

We got rid of satellite this past year, and got Netflix instead! This has been a lifesaver in several ways... I don't spend as much $$ on TV each month! I don't spend as much time watching TV each night! And the TV I do watch is commercial-free and I can watch what I want when I want to! :) My faves lately have been "How I Met Your Mother" and "White Collar" and "Bones." Anyone have any other great suggestions??

Click the pic at the top to join in the linky fun this week!!



Welcome to my room, friends!!
Here is what life looks like in Mrs. Scoma's First Grade classroom this year... enjoy your little tour :-)

Here's what my door looks like for the little ones coming in. My window is covered with random scrapbook paper so I can pump in private during my lunch/plan breaks ;)

Directly to the right of my door is my little memo station and my "How We Get Home" clips. Looks to me like I need to stabilize the bottom of the ribbons so the clips don't make them go crooked!!

Keep going to the right and you see my gathering place, my math wall, word wall, and focus wall!

Close up of my word wall and focus wall - all set up for Lesson 1 of Story Town this week!

My desk area... Not sure what will fill up my space, but probably some student drawings!! {The reason my paper is rippled along the wall is due to a beam that runs up from the floor to the ceiling that houses computer cords... I pulled it as tight as I could, believe me!}

On my desk... my little happy place :-)

Area where my Daily 5 I-charts will hang eventually. Behind the curtains that my sweet mom made for me are my math maniuplatives, recess toys, and student reader anthologies. Oh... and a whole section full of tubs/containers!!

My student area

Close up of some D5 posters and my READ letters. The blue selves house my library... there's a DEFINITE reason I didn't take a picture of it! That's on my to-do list this week!

Current housing of book boxes... these will be moving to the black shelf I'll be purchasing and putting along the wall to the left of the window :)

More student space, white board, and BINGO board.

Here is the one area I didn't work on this summer... my feelings posters and my coat hooks with the shelf that houses all sorts of randomness.

Here are my table tubs this year! Yay for my Cameo :)

My kids' work display area and the drawers that will house my Work on Words/Writing materials. Thanks, Dad, for spray painting them!!

Close up of "Our Rockin' Work" display!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Room 108... thank you to all who inspired an aspect of my room this year; I'm forever grateful for your creativity and sharing it with the blog/Pinterest world for all to see!! :-)

Link up and share your pics!!



One Week Down...!

Whew! My kiddos and I have successfully survived our first week of first grade! :) And by first week, I mean a FULL first week - we started school on a Monday this year. That's one looooong week for all involved. ;)

Thankfully, I have a super group this year, and we had a very fun week at school together. I have some teaching to do in regards to raising hands before talking, not chit-chatting with friends while I'm teaching, and the like, but other than that, I think we're gonna be good!!

I have decided to jump right on in with Daily 5 this year, and I am SO EXCITED about it!! Our whole team began the procedures this week, and I saw great success! We have completed 3 days of the implementation lesson plans, and we're up to 9 minutes of stamina for Read to Self :) We will discuss Good-Fit books, the I-Pick lesson, and intro Work on Writing this week.... and I think my kids are going to LOVE it all!

Here is what our I-Chart for Read to Self will look like when I hang it up in our classroom (we made one together, but I can't have something that's not in fun handwriting up all year... you know how it is!). If this fits your class' discussion as well, feel free to grab it for your room! It is set up to print on legal size paper (8.5 x 14), but I bet you can make it whatever you need it to be :)

I'll be back soon (hopefully tomorrow!) with pics of my room this year... I am loooooving my black backgrounds, B&W borders, and bright color accents!!



Time for some SERIOUS shopping!

I know you've seen it all over, but just in case... ;)

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