I Must Have....

I love Teacher Week! I'm excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week to share fun ideas with wonderful teachers all around! :-)

Here are the things I must have for each day/year/start to school!

* Big ol' teacher notebook!
I love having all of my long range plans, weekly lesson plans, student info, meeting notes, etc. all in one handy-dandy location!

* New Mr. Sketch Markers

I love using these on my poster papers when working as a whole class... and the kiddos love the pick their favorite scent to write in! Anything to motivate :)

* Family pics
Looking at the sweet faces of my hubby, my baby, and my nephew (another nephew pic to be added soon!) give me the little extra boost I need on some rought days... y'all know what I mean!!

* Water!!!

I drink AT LEAST 4 of these bad boys full of water every day while at school... as well as 1 before school and several when I get home! And I don't use ice; I prefer my water lukewarm - weird?? I know!!!

* My new Silhouette Cameo!
I got this baby over the summer, and I can't get enough! I loved being able to label the boards in my classroom with my favorite fonts and fun papers rather than the same ol' punch out letters that everyone has :)

* Netflix!!

We got rid of satellite this past year, and got Netflix instead! This has been a lifesaver in several ways... I don't spend as much $$ on TV each month! I don't spend as much time watching TV each night! And the TV I do watch is commercial-free and I can watch what I want when I want to! :) My faves lately have been "How I Met Your Mother" and "White Collar" and "Bones." Anyone have any other great suggestions??

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  1. We got rid of our satellite this year also and got netflix. I love watching Psych. My kids can watch it on their wii or Xbox 360.



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