Random Freebie Downloads

So, while I'm recovering from a long day of antique shopping yesterday, followed by a store chock-full of Fiesta Ware dishes (I was in HEAVEN!) and a wonderful game night with the family... here are some easy downloads for you guys as you prepare to head back to school!

Let me know if you choose to use them, and become a follower while you're at it! :-)

Here's what I'm going to be using to grace the cover of  my missed work folders this year: Simply glue onthe front of a folder, laminate, and fill with all the activities your students miss while absent! I've seen this floating around a few blogs and decided to make one of my own to fit my room:
We Missed You Folder

Another wonderful idea I've seen out there is making motivational privacy folders! This has been on my To Do list since May, but I kept forgetting to type up what I want on everyone's folders. Here are the sheets I'll cut up and glue onto the folders... use if you choose! (Here is my inspiration and a pic of how the final product can/should look! Thanks Natalie for a great idea!)

I will put their names on the cover page and glue that sheet on what will be the outside of the privacy folder when it's compiled. I'll copy the phrases on colored paper and glue them on the inside, as well as the stars and squiggles, just to give it some flair! :)

Motivational Privacy Folder
{Graphics from Just So Scrappy}



Help Me With... and a Sale!

First off, thank you for the wonderful comments about my I Have, Who Has post!! As a thank you... the pack is 1/2 off in my TpT store for the weekend! On Sunday night at 10:00 CST, it'll go back to full price. Enjoy!

Alright - I have asked for your help before, and now I need it again! I REALLLLLY want to purchase either a Cricut or a Silhouette cutting machine.


Which one should I go with? I want easy and user-friendly! I am thinking the main use will be for vinyl purposes, both for school and home... so keep that in mind! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!



I Have, Who Has? All 220 Dolch Words!

Ok, so if you just read my previous post, you know I was working on finishing up all 11 lists of the Dolch words and compiling them into an I Have, Who Has game. Well... HERE it is! Check it out! Be sure to see the post below for your FREE copy of List One!

Here are a couple pictures letting you see how I organize my I Have, Who Has games. I used a handy-dandy Dollar Tree tub and lots of pretty construction paper! (If I would have done this NOW, I would put super cute labels on each List's set of cards... but I didn't care so much back then... sigh) I hope you enjoy this game... it comes in SO handy for little 3-minute filler activities :)

Oh yeah... first 3 people to leave me a comment letting me know you want this and leave me your email... I'll send the files your way for free!! :-)


I Have, Who Has... List One!

Check it out! Click on the picture for your FREE download of your copy of an I Have, Who Has game for first grade sight words! List One is up, Lists 2-11 will be coming before the end of the afternoon!

If you download, please leave me a little love :)



Don't get Heat Struck!

Just a quick note between teaching, errands, and starting a new grad class tonight... :)

So, I'm teaching K Camp right now (for incoming kindergartners that need a little "boost" before August), and one of my darlings said the CUTEST thing today!  We're in a suburb of Kansas City, and it's rather steamy outside today (at 2:15, it's currently 100 our there, feeling like 102!) so we had indoor recess. When I explained that the temps were too hot to play outside, little A piped up and said,

"Yeah, you don't want to get heat struck! It's the hottest day of the EARTH today!"

I love it! Kids are the best :-)



Survival Kit

Each year, I put together a packet of info (as we all do) for my parents to take home so they know the basics of how our classroom will work! I call it their "First Grade Survival Kit" and here are some of the components of it for you to peek at. I hope you find something you can use! If you need me to email you editable versions, please leave your email in a comment and I'll send it your way! :)

(Graphics are from Just So Scrappy and ThistleGirl)

Survival Kit Cover

I got the following from a former teammate; I'm honestly not sure if she wrote it, borrowed it, or found it online!
The ABCs of Literacy

I pass these out and want them back ASAP - the info cards I copy front-to-back and put them on a ring that I hang by my phone in the room. Easy for me to keep track of everything!
Survival Kit Components

Plans and Procedures



It Ends Tomorrow!

Thank you all for your WONDERFUL recommendations for a blog redesign... I've chosen to go with Jenn Bates from Finally in First - stay tuned for a brand-new, totally ME look!! :)

This is your friendly reminder (b/c I probably won't be on the computer tomorrow between teaching K-Camp, going to the doctor, and then finally working in my classroom) that my TpT sale ends tomorrow... click on the pic to check it out! :-) If you teach StoryTown, this sale is FOR YOU! I have lots and lots in there that would benefit you. Even if you don't use StoryTown, check it out for some wonderful Making Words activities!



Help me with... the Bloggy Blues!

Now, don't get me wrong!! I loooove my blogging and blogstalking... my blues are coming from my layout!! :)

I loved this layout when I first began blogging back in the spring, but I've grown bored with it and I see it on lots of blogs (b/c it's so darn cute!). I'm looking for something new, and with my birthday coming up in 3 weeks, I'm asking hubby to buy me a custom-made design!

Here's where you come in - what designers have you worked with that you've had good experiences?? What about design elements - what shops are you finding great scrapbook elements from to use in your blog?? I'm not necessarily stuck to numbers/letters/rulers for a school look, but rather something fun and catchy and pleasing to the eye! Lemme know your thoughts, and I'll hopefully have something new to grace my screen here in a few weeks!

Thanks for your help, friends :-)



Christmas (shopping) in July!!

I'm joining in the fun!! Click on the image to visit my TpT store, where everything will be 15% off starting Friday morning and ending Monday night at 10:00 CST.

While you're there, check out some of my newest offerings... I think you'll love them! :)

I know that there are lots of wonderful teachers offering amazing sales this weekend, so enjoy your shopping!!! I know I will! Be sure to check out my fellow TBA authors!


It's Not Too Late!!

I don't know about you, but when all the talk of a Postcard Exchange began, I kicked myself for taking a couple days off of blogging and therefore missing out on my turn to sign up! Well, thanks to Ms. Didier, we have another chance, friends! :)

If you want to join in on the super fun writing activity for your kiddos, check out her site and see if your state is still available - there are A LOT of slots still open!! Spread the word and let's get this thing rolling... after all, only 4 1/2 weeks left til we have to get to head on back...!!



Making Words All Year Long - Alphabet Sets!!

Upon request, I have created alphabets to accompany my original Making Words All Year Long pack! There is an alpha for each month, using thematic graphics just like before! There are 2 of every letter, 3 of some more popular letters. I also have included some blank programmable pieces with each alphabet set so you can custommize your own Making Words lessons each month!

Click on this picture to check it out:

Click on this picture to check out the original Making Words All Year Long pack:

Spread the word :)


Dot and Bob StoryTown pack

Here's my way of feeling productive on this Friday morning... not cleaning house or making a grocery list!! :) Instead I play around with fun fonts and graphics to create something that I hope our first graders will just love! Click on the picture to view more sample pages... Enjoy!



I -HEART- Fonts!!

Jenn over at Finally in First is hosting a font linky party... ooooh boy! My hubby will be so excited when I tell him how many new faves I found and downloaded on the computer! :-)

As for my personal favorite go-to fonts, here is my list.. some come from Kevin & Amanda, some from dafont, and some from Lettering Delights:

Be sure to head on over to add your fonts to the growing list!!