Help Me With... and a Sale!

First off, thank you for the wonderful comments about my I Have, Who Has post!! As a thank you... the pack is 1/2 off in my TpT store for the weekend! On Sunday night at 10:00 CST, it'll go back to full price. Enjoy!

Alright - I have asked for your help before, and now I need it again! I REALLLLLY want to purchase either a Cricut or a Silhouette cutting machine.


Which one should I go with? I want easy and user-friendly! I am thinking the main use will be for vinyl purposes, both for school and home... so keep that in mind! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!



  1. I think the Silhouette is the way to go. I love the fact that you can do most things on your computer for free; there's no extra cartridges to buy every time you want to cut a new shape or font. I think that allows for a little more creativity. It's also very easy to use on vinyl. I love my Silhouette!

  2. I've heard that the Silhouette is the best way to go. As the poster above me mentioned, you can do things free and not pay for more cartridges. You can also use any fonts you have on your computer which is enough to convince me to go that route instead of Cricut!

  3. I have a Cricut, but would LOVE to have a Silhouette! If you purchase the downloads most of them are only around 99 cents. Cartridges for the Cricut get expensive! Also, they just came out with a new Silhouette, so you can get the old one for around $175.

  4. I have both... (obsessed and not necessary... I know!) I use both for very different things.. for my classroom I find myself actually using the Cricut a lot more because I can make things larger on it than on the Silhouette....
    I have put vinyl, fabric and what not all in my Cricut and it works just fine.

    The awesome thing about the Silhouette - is that you can use what is on your computer for FREE! The vinyl works well in that and you can do a lot more graphic things with the Silhouette!


  5. I have a Cricut and love it! You can purchase software called Sure Cuts A Lot 2 (SCAL) to use with the Cricut. It allows you to use your current computer fonts and SVGs, without buying cartridges. It's very easy to use. Plus you can buy Cricut products in local stores.
    Just Add Clipart

  6. I have a Cricut and love it. Yes, the cartridges are expensive, but you can find them pretty cheap on ebay. You can also buy on the internet a program called Make The Cut.

  7. I love that I don't need cartridges with the silhouette, (I admit I don't use mine like I should) But if up can hold out ....That way you can do bigger sized things ;)



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