Check out what I just ordered! :)
I've been wanting one for a couple of years now, and with seeing so many graet Pinterest ideas out there and now having a baby's nursery to organize and finish decorating... Hubby said I should go for it! Also, there's an AWESOME teacher discount on all of their products, so that sweetened the deal a little bit, too! I can't wait for next week when it arrives!


South Beach!

No, no, not the diet - it's summertime, folks! ;)

I am changing the way I do my classroom's color theme this year... After 7 years, I am kind of sick of the rainbow colors everywhere. I never thought it could happen, but it did! So, I am doing the same thing I've seen lots of teachers considering this summer - balck/white foundation and bursts of color around the room. This way, when I want a change, I just have to change the colors, not all the foundational pieces!

So, where does South Beach come in to play? Well... as I was at Michael's yesterday {for like the 5th time already this summer... I swear baby boy knows when we enter that store and he immediately starts fussing! No, Momma, not again!}, I picked up some more cardstock in the colors I'm using this year for my Brag Board and word wall letters and what nots. I looked closely at the package, and it's called the "South Beach" collection!
The packs come in 12"x12" and 8.5"x11" cardstock sizes, and I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to use them! If you hurry to Michael's this week, they're on sale!

So... if you're doing the "bright colors on a black background" theme in YOUR room this year, you can make it sound super-chic by calling it "South Beach"! :-)



Monday Made It!

It's my favorite bloggy day of the week :-) I can't wait to get looking at all of your great creations so I can steal admire your ideas and want them for myself!

In fact, I've done just that with this week's creations... I loved Tara's ideas of her READ letters and planner divider pages, so I made ones to fit my room. {Check out her original posts about them here and here!}

#1 - READ letters: They are almost complete... I'm still debating on the ribbon that should go across the middle. I'm choosing between a yellow ribbon or a simple white glittery ribbon. Thoughts?

#2 - Lesson Plan book divider pages: These will go into plastic sleeves and into my 3-ring binder that I made last year {here}. The papers are from the April Showers collection from Just So Scrappy, the font is from Kevin & Amanda, and the frame is from the wonderful 3am Teacher! You can click on any of the pictures below to download a PDF for yourself if you like :) {Ok, Blogger was freaking out on me, and only 2 of the pics are linked... sorry!!}

I've got some great plans and ideas for the rest of the summer as far as creating goes... I've got a toolbox on its way to me (our Lowe's was all sold out!); I have crates waiting to have seats added to them; I have the advent boxes that can be turned into letter storage ready to be painted; I have notecards ready to make and send out to welcome my kids; I have foam board ready for a "my first day of first grade" frame! Whew! I've been a busy little shopper this weekend... And my guest room has been TAKEN OVER!

Our school's theme is rock 'n roll/rockstar stuff this coming year. I found these great guitar shapes that I am going to have my kiddos decorate the first week of school with their table teams or a buddy or something... I'm still thinking that over, but I'm sure they'll love the glitter glue and poms! I'm going to pick up some other fun sticky items for them, too!

I'm also linking up with Ladybug's Teacher Files to share my June shopping... I'm sure I'll have a bit  more to share during the July edition...!! :-) I love summer!! Click the pic to share your shopping fun!



What I'm Thinkin' Thursday!

{Warning... this is going to be such a random post! I am just gonna put things in writing that are floating around my head.} :)

- I can't wait for the inevitable "Back to School" linky parties where we all share classroom pics, daily schedules, etc. There are SO many cute theme ideas floating around, and I can't wait to see them!

- There is NOTHING good on non-cable TV once "The Chew" is over at 1:00!

- I love Clinton Kelly!

- My TV dilemma will be solved, however, after July 9th, when "Good Afternoon America" debuts! :)

- I am really looking forward to back to school sales in order to purchase new borders and knickknacks for my new room decor... I'm thinking to a basic black and white foundation with splashes of color. Then I can change my colors whenever I want to, and it won't be too much money! I've had the same rainbow of colors for all of my 7 years, and I am excited for a change.

- Along with decor change, I'm thinking of moving around my furniture. Anyone else draw out lots and lots of ideas before finally settling on what's perfect??

- I reeeeeally want a Silhouette Cameo. So badly. Sigh.
- I've come to LOVE McDonald's Sweet Tea. Yummmm... in fact, hubby just called to say he's on his way home, and I asked him to pick one up for me as he drove by McD's! Can't wait :)

- Even more than McD's Sweet Tea, I am LOVING my baby's sweet smiles! He just started this weekend, and I get the best ones when he's on his changing table and I'm making crazy silly faces at him! So fun!

So.. since you were so gracious to read this far, I want to read what YOU are Thinkin' this Thursday! Link up with me and share with us all what's on your mind. Every once in a while, we all need a brain dump, right?? :)



Monday Made It! (a day late...)

Well, if there's one thing I've learned this summer about having a new baby around - there is NO getting things done on MY schedule! This sweet boy rules the roost :) When he's hungry, I feed him. When he's cranky, I soothe him. When he's tired, I put him to sleep. When he's sleeping...I blog-stalk and pin away clean or rest. ;)

So, needless to say, I haven't been nearly as productive with school stuff as I was hoping to be this week... so I have more digital stuff to share instead of hands-on projects. Oh well - these need to get done, too! And they don't require me toting my baby around to multiple stores looking for the perfect pieces for my projects!

#1 - Pacing Guides for the year:
I have made these for all 4 quarters, but need to meet with my great teamies in order to decide which order we want to teach our math skills in next year. We also need to come up with many more "for fun" topics! I just plugged in the main holidays and whatnot. I was inspired by this post by Made for 1st Grade:
Pinned Image

#2 - First Day Magnet saying:
I typed this up really quickly to have ready for the first day of school. I will print them on colored cardstock and have my kiddos attach them to a clothespin with their picture, just as seen in my inspiration pin:
Pinned Image
{find source here - sorry this doesn't lead right to her post... it's what showed up when I pinned it! But, this way, you can read through her great blog :)}

Link up with Tara on Mondays (or Tuesdays...) to show off your great ideas!



Made it Monday!

I loved stalking all of the great ideas I found over at 4th Grade Frolics last week for Tara's first Made it Monday Linky Party! I wanted to join in the fun this week, although it's nothing too crazy or creative!

Here is my inspiration:
Pinned Image
{Click the picture to take you to the original post}

Here's how I made it my own!
{The background paper is from melstampz.blogspot.com. She has TONS of cute free papers/backgrounds!!}

I thought it was so important that I borrow these words of affirmation for my kiddos - I teach at a Title 1 school, and many of my students have dealt with more stuff in their lives than I have in my almost 29 years! I want to make sure that when they are in my room, they know they are loved and valued. I will frame this in a white frame and display it somewhere that is visible at all times throughout our day!

If you like what you see and would like a personalized PDF for yourself, feel free to leave me a comment with your email address and last name - I'll change it and send your way! :-)

Next week, I hope to have a more hands-on activity to link up with... go check out all of the other great ideas and maybe you'll be inspired, too!!