What I'm Thinkin' Thursday!

{Warning... this is going to be such a random post! I am just gonna put things in writing that are floating around my head.} :)

- I can't wait for the inevitable "Back to School" linky parties where we all share classroom pics, daily schedules, etc. There are SO many cute theme ideas floating around, and I can't wait to see them!

- There is NOTHING good on non-cable TV once "The Chew" is over at 1:00!

- I love Clinton Kelly!

- My TV dilemma will be solved, however, after July 9th, when "Good Afternoon America" debuts! :)

- I am really looking forward to back to school sales in order to purchase new borders and knickknacks for my new room decor... I'm thinking to a basic black and white foundation with splashes of color. Then I can change my colors whenever I want to, and it won't be too much money! I've had the same rainbow of colors for all of my 7 years, and I am excited for a change.

- Along with decor change, I'm thinking of moving around my furniture. Anyone else draw out lots and lots of ideas before finally settling on what's perfect??

- I reeeeeally want a Silhouette Cameo. So badly. Sigh.
- I've come to LOVE McDonald's Sweet Tea. Yummmm... in fact, hubby just called to say he's on his way home, and I asked him to pick one up for me as he drove by McD's! Can't wait :)

- Even more than McD's Sweet Tea, I am LOVING my baby's sweet smiles! He just started this weekend, and I get the best ones when he's on his changing table and I'm making crazy silly faces at him! So fun!

So.. since you were so gracious to read this far, I want to read what YOU are Thinkin' this Thursday! Link up with me and share with us all what's on your mind. Every once in a while, we all need a brain dump, right?? :)



  1. Oh, girl! I love some MickeyDs Sweet Tea!! I was even given a gift card this year! First time I had ever received a McDonald's gift card! Ha! I sure smiled, though! Your blog is adorable!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  2. I wish I just drew out my furniture re-arrangements lots of times but instead I find myself actually moving it. I've tried drawing our arrangement options but I ultimately need to actually see it before I can make any real decisions. So I get in some good work outs moving things around in my room in the summer :)

    Falling Into First


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