542 Things.

Good morning, friends! I hope I can still call you all that... I haven't been a very good friend the past, oh, FIVE MONTHS or so! :/ I'm not gonna give excuses, though... just gonna do some quick updates and then hope to get back to my blogstalking that I enjoy oh-so-much! :-)

* This school year was TREMENDOUS. Seriously. For the first year in at least 5, my class never had to evacute our classroom due to an unsafe student situation. My kids were kind. They were incredibly smart. They had great senses of humor. It was such a fun year... but I was glad to see it end, naturally :-)

* I was happy to see it end b/c I get to spend all summer with this cute little man! Does life get any better?!?

Well, it'll be better now that we've gotten allergies, a hospital stay, a double ear infection, and Hand Foot Mouth out of the way. What a way to start off our summer

* It'll also be getting better... in September when Baby Boy #2 joins our family!! I can't wait to see if this little guy follows after his easy-going, sweet brother, or if we'll have a little spit fire on our hands ;)

* This school year will not only begin with maternity leave after only a couple weeks of school to get my routines established... but it'll also start at a NEW SCHOOL! My principal was asked to open up the new elementary in our district, and I was a lucky one to get my transfer approved to follow her there! The building I just spent 7+ years in is the oldest in the district with very outdated security, electrical problems, mold... you name it. It'll be SO NICE to get to start with a clean slate! Now we just need construction to finish so we can get in and get working....!!!

Ok... off I go now to check out the Monday Made-Its that I've missed out on. I have to see what the latest trends are so I can join in the fun during nap times!! :-)

It's nice to be back... however often that may be ;)