Help me with... the Bloggy Blues!

Now, don't get me wrong!! I loooove my blogging and blogstalking... my blues are coming from my layout!! :)

I loved this layout when I first began blogging back in the spring, but I've grown bored with it and I see it on lots of blogs (b/c it's so darn cute!). I'm looking for something new, and with my birthday coming up in 3 weeks, I'm asking hubby to buy me a custom-made design!

Here's where you come in - what designers have you worked with that you've had good experiences?? What about design elements - what shops are you finding great scrapbook elements from to use in your blog?? I'm not necessarily stuck to numbers/letters/rulers for a school look, but rather something fun and catchy and pleasing to the eye! Lemme know your thoughts, and I'll hopefully have something new to grace my screen here in a few weeks!

Thanks for your help, friends :-)



  1. I am working with Jenn Bates from Finally in First to re-do my blog. I was like you - really wanting something custom that fits me. She doesn't have it finished yet but she has been easy to work with!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  2. There are so many great blog designers out in blog land! Kristin from Ladybug's Teacher Resources did mine and I LOVE it. She was so great to work with and totally understanding! Check out this sqworl site too that Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher made with all the blog designers out there. http://sqworl.com/7zc3he
    Good luck making your choice!! haha!

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. You need to check out adori graphics. You can upload a design yourself with their free designs. They are packaged with headers, sidebar graphics, post dividers, etc. PS. THEY ARE CUTE!


    Kristen is giving away 1 custom template and several pre-made templates at her site for the 1000 follower giveaway.


    Cara Carroll has a site called Oh So Spoiled. She makes wonderful designs also.


    Primary Graffiti

  4. I did my blog redesign through Shay Bocks: http://shaybocks.com/services/blog-web-design

    I've heard good things about:




    You can get $5 templates here:


    But there's also a lot of free ones here: http://leeloublogs.blogspot.com

    Good luck :)


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