Welcome to my room, friends!!
Here is what life looks like in Mrs. Scoma's First Grade classroom this year... enjoy your little tour :-)

Here's what my door looks like for the little ones coming in. My window is covered with random scrapbook paper so I can pump in private during my lunch/plan breaks ;)

Directly to the right of my door is my little memo station and my "How We Get Home" clips. Looks to me like I need to stabilize the bottom of the ribbons so the clips don't make them go crooked!!

Keep going to the right and you see my gathering place, my math wall, word wall, and focus wall!

Close up of my word wall and focus wall - all set up for Lesson 1 of Story Town this week!

My desk area... Not sure what will fill up my space, but probably some student drawings!! {The reason my paper is rippled along the wall is due to a beam that runs up from the floor to the ceiling that houses computer cords... I pulled it as tight as I could, believe me!}

On my desk... my little happy place :-)

Area where my Daily 5 I-charts will hang eventually. Behind the curtains that my sweet mom made for me are my math maniuplatives, recess toys, and student reader anthologies. Oh... and a whole section full of tubs/containers!!

My student area

Close up of some D5 posters and my READ letters. The blue selves house my library... there's a DEFINITE reason I didn't take a picture of it! That's on my to-do list this week!

Current housing of book boxes... these will be moving to the black shelf I'll be purchasing and putting along the wall to the left of the window :)

More student space, white board, and BINGO board.

Here is the one area I didn't work on this summer... my feelings posters and my coat hooks with the shelf that houses all sorts of randomness.

Here are my table tubs this year! Yay for my Cameo :)

My kids' work display area and the drawers that will house my Work on Words/Writing materials. Thanks, Dad, for spray painting them!!

Close up of "Our Rockin' Work" display!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Room 108... thank you to all who inspired an aspect of my room this year; I'm forever grateful for your creativity and sharing it with the blog/Pinterest world for all to see!! :-)

Link up and share your pics!!



  1. Your room looks great! Have a wonderful school year.

  2. Your room looks so fun! Love the hanging guitars!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Your room rocks! I would love to be in this room!

  4. I LOVE your room. The black makes everything pop! And, I agree with Ms. Cupcake . . . those guitars rock!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

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