My home away from home!! :)

Since we spend SOOO much time in our classrooms, we need to make sure we love them, right?!? This is why we work so hard the couple of weeks before school starts to get everything just perfect... and then (if you're like me) spend all year long making notes of how to make it better for next year! :)

Here's a peek into my little Room 108. Welcome! It's nice to have you!!

Walking into my door, here's the view you get! I'll show you around, heading to the right, and then we'll go all the way around the room!

Here is our large group area...to the right are my file cabinets and LOTS of StoryTown materials stored in color-coded crates!

 As you can see, I have my calendar wall here; we don't do too much during calendar time b/c we only have 60 minutes each day for math... I want to be doing my lessons and having them go to math tubs rather than sitting here listening to the Star Helper tell them the date :)
{Forgive the random label on the calendar; our writing lesson had the kids labeling things around our room!!}

 Above that is OUR BEST wall! Colorful squares of scrapbooking paper with my kiddos' names on the right side. Perfect frame for hanging wonderful work!

This is where I sit while teaching in whole group... Our Happy Habits posters are there for all to see all the time! I'm trying to think of something creative to do with the front of my Big Book storage unit - any ideas of how to cover the u-g-l-y grey?? Behind this space is my desk and our math wall that will change based on our topic of study! 

 Right now, I simply have up colors and easy stuff... it'll change soon! I CANNOT remember where I first saw these math key words, but I love them! My whole team has them up now, too!

 Here is my teacher shelf with all my materials for the day/week/next week! Behind curtain #1 are my recess tubs, #2: my anthology readers and storage containers, #3: my math manipulatives! {Those curtains are the ONLY evidence of sewing I've ever done. In my LIFE.}

 Here is my new Word Wall!!! I'm trying out an interactive one this year... so I laminated my papers and will sticky-tack my words onto the correct paper. The kids can hop up there, pull off the word they need, and get going with their writing! Wish me luck as I deal with how crooked they'll stick the words back up....!!

The colorful tubs are my math tubs (I put the numbers on after snapping this pic), and the rectangle table is my Guided Reading/Math group table.

Around the corner is my M.E.S.S of a library!!! I'm so embarrassed. This is definitely on my to-do list this year - get this thing under control!! I also store my whiteboard and clip boards down there on the left.

Here is my GR storage cart and student computer. The colored drawers hold nothing yet... but I'm sure I'll find math stuff to stick in there soon!!

My whiteboard! Above if are my StoryTown letters, below it are ways to Be In Control of us! You can also see my kiddos' tables and our focus wall.

Close up of the Focus Wall! Still a work in progress, as this is the first year we've used one. So far I like it... we'll see how I tweak it as the year goes on!

 Here are the hooks we hang our bags on with their name tags. On the left is my daily Star Helper, our Give Me Five rules, and How We Get Home poster! {Plus evidence of my too-many storage bins... crates going unused!}
Well, there it is! I hope you enjoyed your visit... come back soon!! :) Join in the party at Blog Hoppin'!


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  1. For the front of your big book cart, use a brightly colored fabric dipped in liquid starch. This turns it into temporary wallpaper. Saw this on pinterest! Or use chalkboard paint!


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