Three for Thursday!

Once again, I'm joining in the FUN over at Blog Hoppin'!  Here are my top faves in 3 categories: fonts, blogs, and online resources!! {Unfortunately, I'm apparently NOT very original! So many others share my favorites, too!}

Favorite Fonts:
Most of these are from Kevin & Amanda, but some are from Lettering Delights! L.O.V.E. me some fun fonts!

 Favorite Blogs:
Oh man... SO many to choose from!! The first blog I was introduced to was The First Grade Parade, and I instantly was HOOKED on this whole teacher-blogging-thing! :)

I also love these blogs, among several others... please check over here ---------------> for more!!


Favorite Online Resource:
Well, I am in love. With pinning. And boards. Oh my. Whoever invented this wonderland deserves something grand. :)
Come on over and JOIN ME!

I hope you enjoyed my list... it broke the rules. I was only supposed to name one under each category. OOPS! :)

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  1. SO happy you started a blog!!! Love it!! Thanks for linking up today!!

    Cara :)


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