Help me with... Math Journals!

We had our bi-weekly Common Core First Grade training-meeting-thingy this afternoon, and I came away feeling like I need to be doing SO. MUCH. MORE. with my class in order for them to really succeed with these new standards! Luckily for me, I have an unusually bright group this go 'round, but that just puts even more pressure on me to stretch them even further! :/

So... I'm doing a Math Workshop rotation in my room now (going on week 3) and it's going fine and dandy. I need to do a better job at planning more differentiated lessons for my Teacher Time, but I'll get there :) My gut is telling me I also need to add in a Math Journal time to my day. And that means I need some good daily Math Journal Prompts.

Here lies my problem. WHOSE DO I BUY?!? I surely don't want to make my own when someone else wonderful out there has an incredible product up on Tpt or TN. :-) So who do you recommend? Are you using someone's math journal prompts in your room? Do the kids love them? Are they getting smarter by the day?? Let me know! Leave me a link! Plug your own product shamelessly!! I wanna know what I can do that's the BEST for my firsties.

Thanks! You're the best! Okiloveyoubuhbye!



  1. Sorry to say I don't have any suggestions you. Just wanted to let you know that after a day of SIOP and Common Core PD - I feel the exact same way!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. I was wondering the same thing, but for second grade! I would love to find some that I could print off onto labels (therefore saving time by not having students cut and glue). Hope you get lots of ideas!

  3. I found the math journal topics from First Grade Fanatics last year and love them! They are easy to use, don't require lots of copies and most of all make the kids think! My students glue them into their math journals (a spiral notebook) and write the date at the top.

    Check them out.

  4. I found the most wonderful Math Journal prompts at http://www.k-5mathteachingresources.com/math-EBooks.html this site has journal prompts for grade levels k-5. They are aligned with common core and you print them on labels. I have been using them since the first week of school. They often have several prompts for one standard so I am able to use some of them for modeling. You do have to purchase a user's license but it is really inexpensive. The single user license is $9.95 and the multiple user license is $29.95. We were able to purchase the multiple user license with our instructional money for our entire grade level. After using them I would have to say that it would be well worth spending the money for the single user license if that is your only option. Hope this helps!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation- I just looked a the website and it looks amazing!! :) They are perfect for the common core!! :)

    2. Thank you!! I just sent this link to my principal to see if we have the funds to purchase for our grade level. If not, I'll probably do my own class anyway! :-)

    3. When I pull up the website all I get is a search engine for other sites. Please help,me navigate my easy to the math journal prompts. They sound wonderful and just exactly why I am looking for!


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