Walk Now for Autism Speaks!

Hey all! I have just registered for the Kansas City Walk Now for Autism Speaks event, and wanted to share with you why :-)

Not only do I have 2 adorable boys with autism in my classroom this year, I also have the sweetest little nephew who was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago.
Tyler's mom set up a team to Walk in Tyler's name, and, of course I had to join! As educators, we know the deep impact that autism can have on a child's life, but watching it impact a family member just makes it so much more "real"... ya know?

Anywho, we are raising funds for the Walk, and if you'd like to donate in support of Autism awareness, please click HERE to visit my donation page. I'll also add a link to the right side of my blog page if you'd like to think about it and come back later!

Thank you so much for any support you're able to offer :)



  1. Hi!! I tried to give $20 just now on my phone but it wouldn't work - said the service is unavailable. I will try again at a computer later tonight.

    I, too, have two students with autism in my class this year.

    Best wishes!


    1. Actually, it must have worked! I received a confirmation email despite the error message on the screen. :-)

    2. Aww, thank you! Check your account before trying again this evening - I got an email saying you donated, so I think on my end it went through! I'd like to thank you by sending you something from my TpT store... click the link to the right and let me know if you see something you can use in your classroom!

      Have a SUPER day!


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