Oh how I've missed this place, y 'all!!

I have been away from the blogging world for way too long, and I'm glad to be back! My uncle is in the hospital so my whole family has been up there every night for the past 9 days. And you know what - they DON'T allow you to get on any sites ending with ".blogspot.com"!! What kind of waiting room is that, I ask?? :/ Anywho, tonight I'm home, and you'd  better believe I've been doing some stalking :)

In other news... we're down to 1 1/2 days of school left!! On Tuesday at 11:30 CST, I will be kid-free until July! Now don't get me wrong... I would loop with these kids if it was a choice for me! I'd even take them through 3rd and 4th grade and state assessments and everything. They are fantastic. Wonderful. Sweet. Funny. Kind. Friendly. I could go on and on about this group. Instead, I will give tearful hugs on Tuesday morning and send them onto 2nd grade knowing I did the best I could do to prepare them for their future!!

Thank you to all who have purchased things from my TpT store lately - you are too kind with your comments and ratings! I am so excited for this summer when I have time to create more fun stuff to share with the other fabulous teachers out there :-)



  1. Hope your uncle is doing better!! Enjoy your summer!!

    Miss J


  2. You probably already do this but I love having a cup to pull kids names out of! Especially when they are all volunteering:)


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