Making Words *Sneak Peek*

So... I'm getting a good start on my Summer To-Do List, how about you??? :-)

Here's what I'm in the process of making today - but I think I'm winding down and needing to run errands, and I'll have to finish it tomorrow. But, I wanted to make sure you were on the lookout for the finished product!

Making Words: All Year Long! I will have 12 sets of making words cards that spell out a phrase that coordinates with the month it fits in (for example, August - Cooling Popsicles w/ popsicle graphics and September - Back to School w/ chalkboard graphics). There is also a recording sheet and silly sentence/picture page for each month. Anything else that would make this packet fantastic? Let me know and I'll see if I can throw it in there!

Here is a peek at August's activities:



  1. Awesome! I love making words!


  2. SO precious. Have you thought about using your sets and making an alphabet to go along with it? That way kids could really use these in a Making Words center...or any other alphabet/spelling activity. Can't wait to get my hands on them!!! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  3. Awesome! Our group seems to love these type of activities so I will be looking for them! Thank you :-) Enjoy your summer!!

    Primary Connections

  4. Such a great idea! Will this be available on TpT?

  5. @Kristin - an alphabet set is a GREAT idea! I will definitely have to offer that, as well :)

    @Mrs. Degeo - I sure will put this on TpT when all is said and done! Hopefully it'll be later this week... my summer mornings have been lazier than I'd care to admit! :-)


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