How many days left...?

I can't believe it... only
So, of course, in true teacher fashion, I am deep into thinking/planning for next year!! :-) Here is the To-Do List I've already started for my summer... at least this is what I can remember. My real list is at school...!!

1) Reorganize my classroom library - you ladies have inspired me to make my library more functional and user-friendly for my kiddos! So, labels and reading levels on my books, here I come!

2) Rethink my indoor recess set-up - oh dear, indoor recess stresses me out!! I am looking to make it more organized and manageable next year... less of a free-for-all!!

3) Create new homework to correlate w/ Storytown.

4) Put up my new Focus Wall!

5) Move my room around to get ready for the THREE PARAS I will have in my room almost all day next year (1 student w/ autism, 1 student with microcephaly {small brain syndrome}, and 1 student with sever behavior issues).

6) Re-do my sub folder w/ fun labels and lots of easy-to-follow directions... I'm hoping to be needing a maternity sub here in the next few years to come, so I'd better start now getting it all organized!

7) Make new labels for my math manipulative storage tubs.

8) Create more early-finisher math activities that the kids can do independently.

I KNOW that there are a few more items on my list, so I'll update it when I get to school tomorrow! What's on your list to get ready for the new year ahead? Share your ideas here at Time4Kindergarten's Linky Party!



  1. A favorite indoor recess activity in my classroom is creating giant doodle murals. I put a huge piece of butcher paper on the floor and at least half of my class is working on it every time. They love the drawing and I love the calm!

  2. Stephanie - I love this idea!! I will be implementing this next year :-)


  3. Love that idea too, Stephanie! Kids love a giant piece of paper.

    And Laura, I am so jealous of the fact you only have now 8 1/2 days left. I have a little over 5 weeks left!

  4. I love your list! I hate indoor recess as well. This year I made it almost like centers. I have all the areas they can pick including an option to bring your own toy. Then I let students pick which center to start by who hasn't got their traffic light moved (behavior chart), who brought their homework, who brought their level book and then by tables. This makes recess become as a reward as well, it's great!

  5. Great ideas! Thanks for joining the Linky Party
    Time 4 Kindergarten

  6. LOVE the indoor recess ideas! Thank you ladies! Living in South Dakota, with the weather changing by the hour, I needed more indoor recess tips! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. Stephanie, that is terrific, I will have to use that too!
    Laura, I would love to hear about your ideas for early-finishers, I always have trouble with that one!
    Thanks to you both for sharing!

  8. Laura, great list!

    I assembled individual hanging files in boxes I found at Target (they were colorful, cheap, and folded when not in use). As we started a new unit in social studies, I would place a correlating word search, journal page, mini-reader, etc. in each file. When the children finished something early, I'd tell them to work from their files! I also had a few students (kindergarten) reading at above 2nd grade levels; the file system allowed me to include relevant activities for them, without drawing attention to their work levels.

    You have an interesting year ahead! I'll be cheering you on :-)!


  9. The giant doodle mural IS a great idea! My school doesn't have big rolls of paper... so maybe I can befriend a butcher or something. :)

    I also need to get some ideas for indoor recess. It is always so chaotic!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!


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