Math Party - Week 1!

My, oh my... this is just the type of party I needed this summer!! My first grade team is changing a lot (going from 3 teachers to 5... losing one due to a new baby, so 3/5 teachers will be new to the team!), and with that change, we're switching up our math block also! I'm SUPER PUMPED! I love reading and all, but math is what really gets me excited because I can see my firsties really start exploring and discovering truths for themselves!

Several fab blog ladies are hosting a math party all about Debbie Diller's new book on Math Work Stations, so this will be giving me all sorts of inspiration to get my tush in gear this summer!

Today's Day 1 of the party... head over to Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten to read all about it:

As for my own room, I have to hang my head in SHAME as I answer the following questions:

- Materials used by the teacher first, then placed in the station: no
- Materials do not change weekly, but rather changed to reflect the students learning objectives:  Umm... I put out centers/stations when I can. But we often don't have time.
- All students go to stations daily:  Once again....no :( Only when time allows.
- Materials are differentiated: Nope.
- The teacher observes work or meets with differentiated math groups: When we have extra time, I'll pull back the kiddos that need reinforcement.

Now do you see that I mean?? I have SO MUCH work to do! My team is full of a bunch of rule-followers, and I am the queen of following rules. When we're given a curriculum to follow (in our case, it's Growing with Math), I follow it with fidelity. Well.... no more, I say!! I am going to teach my kiddos what they need to know in a way that helps them learn it best and put their new knowledge into practice!

So... please please please keep posting your GREAT ideas about math stations - I have lots to learn! Currently, my materials are in big tubs hidden behind curtains that only I can get to:

I am looking forward to seeing how I can best serve my little learners next year... be sure to check out the PARTY so you can add your ideas, too!! :-)



  1. Thanks for linking up! No need to hang your head. We all start somewhere... right? I had the same confession. After what I thought was doing "math stations", I found I missed out on a few key elements.

    I am excited to get all the FAB ideas from our blog friends.

    Thanks again.
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  2. I think we all have lots to learn. That's why we are doing this....many for "fun." I love teachers!

    Like you, I feel compelled to follow the curriculum map. It is frustrating when kids need more time but the "map" says move on. That's why I want to change towards math stations for at least part of my math time.

  3. I really respect your honesty. Sometimes you just need to see a clearer path and we have so many other obligations at the work place. I am the queen of the "to do" list and work on things I know could be better. Maybe this book will help you or posts from other teachers who are already using math stations will inspire you. Teachers have busy lives! I am cheering for you.

  4. Where do you purchase your large dice?

    Primary Graffiti

  5. @Mrs. Saoud: the dice come with our math program in the manipulative kit... but I just saw a similar set in my Really Good Stuff catalog this morning! :) They come in so handy for all sorts of class activities.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I have a similar problem with time. Because we have such a short day, my math time gets cut down to about 1/2 hour if I want to save time for science/social studies and writing. I know how to do stations it's just finding the time.


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