Making Words *Sneak Peek*

So... I'm getting a good start on my Summer To-Do List, how about you??? :-)

Here's what I'm in the process of making today - but I think I'm winding down and needing to run errands, and I'll have to finish it tomorrow. But, I wanted to make sure you were on the lookout for the finished product!

Making Words: All Year Long! I will have 12 sets of making words cards that spell out a phrase that coordinates with the month it fits in (for example, August - Cooling Popsicles w/ popsicle graphics and September - Back to School w/ chalkboard graphics). There is also a recording sheet and silly sentence/picture page for each month. Anything else that would make this packet fantastic? Let me know and I'll see if I can throw it in there!

Here is a peek at August's activities:



Get on the Bus!!

How many of you have a co-worker (or 2...) that have such a negative vibe that it oftentimes brings you down, too?? No fun!!! Well, have I got the book for you :-)

Our principal invites us to do a book study every year, and we follow that theme throughout the school year. We've done such studies as:
The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey
FISH! by Stephen Lundin
Whale Done! by Ken Blanchard


This year, our Principal decided to have us read our book over the summer so we can truly kick off the year with all of our new good ideas in place! I'm reading The Energy Bus right now, and when I'm finished, I will pass it along to one of my co-workers, and so on... by mid-August when we come back for school, we should have all read the book! I'm about half-way finished with it right now, but let me tell you - it's such an eye-opener! The power of positive thinking is truly remarkable. Now, I've heard most of this stuff before, but it's nice to be reminded every once in a while :)

If you want some light, fun, professional reading for the summer, check it out! You won't be sorry :-)



American Idol!! :-)

Alright, y'all - who's gonna win it all?!?! I'm so torn - I love them both :-)
On another note: I cannot get into my dasboard thru Blogger... grrr...!! Oh well, commercial's over, so I gotta run! Enjoy your evening!




Oh how I've missed this place, y 'all!!

I have been away from the blogging world for way too long, and I'm glad to be back! My uncle is in the hospital so my whole family has been up there every night for the past 9 days. And you know what - they DON'T allow you to get on any sites ending with ".blogspot.com"!! What kind of waiting room is that, I ask?? :/ Anywho, tonight I'm home, and you'd  better believe I've been doing some stalking :)

In other news... we're down to 1 1/2 days of school left!! On Tuesday at 11:30 CST, I will be kid-free until July! Now don't get me wrong... I would loop with these kids if it was a choice for me! I'd even take them through 3rd and 4th grade and state assessments and everything. They are fantastic. Wonderful. Sweet. Funny. Kind. Friendly. I could go on and on about this group. Instead, I will give tearful hugs on Tuesday morning and send them onto 2nd grade knowing I did the best I could do to prepare them for their future!!

Thank you to all who have purchased things from my TpT store lately - you are too kind with your comments and ratings! I am so excited for this summer when I have time to create more fun stuff to share with the other fabulous teachers out there :-)



Character Education Awards

I don't know about you all, but I was DYING on Thursday when Blogger was down!! Eek! I may have a slight problem... Then with some family stuff yesterday, I wasn't on again, so I knew as soon as I was up and moving on this cool Saturday morning, I was hittin' the blogs!! :-) It's good to be back!

At our school, we focus a lot on character education (after all, what good is a lot of knowledge if you can't be a productive member of society, right???). As part of our end-of-the-year festivities, we hand out Character Awards to our kiddos. These can also be used weekly in the classroom to really show off a student who is shining!! I have added them to my TpT store, but I'll be happy to send the ZIP file of 20 awards to the first 3 people who leave me a comment + their email addy letting me know you'd like them!

The files include an award for each of the following traits: caring, common sense, cooperation, courage, curiosity, effort, flexibility, friendship, initiative, integrity, no put downs, organization, patience, perseverance, personal best, problem solving, responsibility, sense of humor, trustworthiness, and truthfulness.

Here's a preview of a few:

Remember, first 3 people who let me know that they want them and leave me their email address, these babies are yours! I hope you find them useful!! :-)



How many days left...?

I can't believe it... only
So, of course, in true teacher fashion, I am deep into thinking/planning for next year!! :-) Here is the To-Do List I've already started for my summer... at least this is what I can remember. My real list is at school...!!

1) Reorganize my classroom library - you ladies have inspired me to make my library more functional and user-friendly for my kiddos! So, labels and reading levels on my books, here I come!

2) Rethink my indoor recess set-up - oh dear, indoor recess stresses me out!! I am looking to make it more organized and manageable next year... less of a free-for-all!!

3) Create new homework to correlate w/ Storytown.

4) Put up my new Focus Wall!

5) Move my room around to get ready for the THREE PARAS I will have in my room almost all day next year (1 student w/ autism, 1 student with microcephaly {small brain syndrome}, and 1 student with sever behavior issues).

6) Re-do my sub folder w/ fun labels and lots of easy-to-follow directions... I'm hoping to be needing a maternity sub here in the next few years to come, so I'd better start now getting it all organized!

7) Make new labels for my math manipulative storage tubs.

8) Create more early-finisher math activities that the kids can do independently.

I KNOW that there are a few more items on my list, so I'll update it when I get to school tomorrow! What's on your list to get ready for the new year ahead? Share your ideas here at Time4Kindergarten's Linky Party!



New TpT Item!

Here is the latest installment in my Storytown activity packs... It's for Lesson 29, Sand Castle, and it's all themed around the beach! What a fun way to learn about the long OO sound :-) Pass it along to a teacher you know that teaches with Story Town!! (This was made with purchases from tonight off of Just So Scrappy... see my post below for details about their GREAT sale!)


H-U-G-E Sale @ Just So Scrappy!

Don't you always wish that you had the cutest graphics around?? Well, now's your chance! Hop over to Just So Scrappy by clicking on their pic below to see their blowout sale... 50%-80% off of their tremendous stuff, but HURRY - it ends Sunday!! :-) I may or may not have just purchased 14 new great kits!!



Great Giveaway!

Lorena at Little Treasures is hosting a 3 Part giveaway... check it out to get your bid in! :)


Have a TOUCHDOWN Recess!

So, we have voted on a sports theme for next school year, and I'm getting excited about it!! Here is a pack of recess rule posters I created for our school. There is a rule for each letter in the word TOUCHDOWN, as well as a poster simply saying "Have a TOUCHDOWN Recess!"

It's only a buck in my TpT store, and if you want me to customize the file for your rules, just buy the item, and then email me with the changes you'd like, and I'll email you a custom copy! :)  Spread the word and tell your friends!



Cinco de Mayo MANIA!

In order to learn about Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, our kiddos are having a SUPER fun day! We will still be doing our literacy block, but after that... it's gonna be one big FIESTA down our hallway! :)

We will be doing classroom rotations, where the kids will travel from room to room to learn about Cinco de Mayo, the Aztec calendar, and even a Mexican hat dance!  Then, we'll break open a pinata and play a fun game of Spanish BINGO!

To finish up our day, we will watch a movie all about Cinco de Mayo while enjoying chips and queso... and also they'll hear a rousing read-aloud rendition of Cinco de Mouse-O! This book is seriously so cute; click the pic and put it on your list for next year!!

Cinco De Mouse-o!

 Enjoy your day, however you choose to celebrate!



New TpT Item!

Here's my activity packet for Storytown Lesson 28 for first grade... At the Crayon Factory!  Suuuuper cute and I can't wait to show it to my kiddos tomorrow morning :-)

(Also... here's hoping tomorrow's a BETTER DAY!!)



Scavenger Hunt!

So, it's super rainy and kinda dreary here in KS today... what better way to spend the day than blog surfing?? :) (but, let's be real... that is a great way to spend ANY day, right?!?!) Anywho, head on over to Primary Graffiti for a super fun Scavenger Hunt full of great downloads :-)

Thank you Mrs. Saoud!