47 Days...

Well, Spring Break has come to a close! Chicago was a BLAST... and my closet now has 2 new Coach purses and I have 2 new Coach ID holders to wear at school! :-) Plus, the hubby got to meet my wonderful great-aunt for the first time, and we had a grand ol' time hanging out with her!

Tomorrow morning, it's back to the grind. My student teacher finished before Break, so I'm back with my kiddos - I can't WAIT! I've missed them so much :-) We officially have 47 days of school left for the year, but...
One day is an inservice.
One day is Field Day.
One day is our Field Trip.
One day is a half-day (our last day).
So, really, there are about 43 days left!  Holy Schmoly!
43?!? We'd better hit the ground runnin'... still have a lot to learn to be ready for Second Grade!

Have a Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. The rest of my year looks almost exactly like yours! But add a weather day too! So that must mean I really only have 42 teachable days (and who really counts any days of that last week?). And it still seems like I have so much to cover!
    F is For First Grade


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