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Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade is hosting a "10 Things I've Learned from Teaching" linky party. I can't wait to read everyone's thoughts... but I had to get mine down on 'paper' first, so I wasn't tempted to use other ideas. :-)  Here they are, in no particular order!

1. Do NOT try to break in a new pair of shoes while teaching! Save it for the weekend!
2. You can never have too many bags – canvas totes, ziplocks, plastic grocery sacks… they’re all good!
3. Even though I’m nearly 28, bodily function noises can still make me giggle. That’s embarrassing to admit!
4. It’s okay to cry with a parent over news, good or bad, academic or personal.
5. Kids get excited over the simplest things!
6. No matter how much a student aggravates me, his hug and his “I wuv you, Mrs. Stoma” will still make me melt. EVERY TIME.
7. When my students get hurt, I feel their pain! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when it’s one of my own kids!
8. I LOVE new pens! And markers. And highlighters. And school supplies in general. I can always find room for something new!
9. Not all staplers are created equal! PaperPro staplers just do such an awesome job of attaching my papers to our really hard bulletin boards.
10. Every August, I find myself with excited butterflies – even more so than the kiddos, I’m sure!! I am always so eager to get a new year and a new adventure underway!
Head over to the Party and add your two cents! And happy Friday bloggie friends!! Enjoy the weekend :-)


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  1. THANK YOU for #2! I showed it to my husband so he knows it's not just me that has a love affair with tot bags for school.


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