Egg-citing News!! And a miracle. :)

This is one of our FAVORITE times of year in first grade... it's time to hatch real, live chicks!! :)

My team and I traveled to the farm today to pick up our 18 or so eggs that were freshly laid this morning. We put them in the waiting incubator and now we cross our fingers! In 21 days, we should hear a whole lotta peeping coming from our end of the hallway. It's always a great Kindergarten "field trip" to walk through the room and watch the newly hatched chicks waddle about. They're just so darn cute, it's hard to resist!

Here is the journal that we're going to be filling out as we go through this unit, along with a certificate for the "egg-sperts" when they've completed their studying! Use if you're able to :-) And stay tuned for chicky updates!

Chick Journal (here is the website that you'll use with this journal: http://chickscope.beckman.uiuc.edu/explore/embryology)

On an un-related note, check out the cuuuute story from my room today!
     We were doing a word bulding activity where the kiddos cut out their own letter cards, and one of my sweet girlies lost her letter O. She was worried about it, but we made due and went on. After the activity was over and they were picking up, I hear her voice again say, "I found my missing O! I guess miracles really DO happen!"  I love their innocence :-)


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  1. How FUN!! I wish we did this.


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