End of Year Poem and Picture Card

Here's another end of the year idea! I got this wonderful idea from my co-worker, and I can't wait to do it with my kiddos.

First, create a template (I used Power Point and my graphics) that you just love! Add the student's name and the poem (see the end of this post). Take an up-close pic of you with your kiddo, and put this picture into your template. If you save the whole shebang as a .jpg, you can upload it to Walmart.com or the like and get your poem cards printed off like a 4x6 picture that's nice and shiny! What a wonderful way to send your first graders off with a great memory of the two of you!

This is my template for this year:

This is the poem used (just found online in a simple search):

You’re a very special person,
And I wanted you to know,
How much I enjoyed being your teacher;
How fast the year did go!
Please come back to visit me
As through the grades you grow.
Try hard to learn all that you can,
There is so much to know!
The one thing I tried to teach you,
To last your whole life through,
Is to know that you are SPECIAL -
There is no one like you!



  1. I LOVE the poem/pic idea. I am totally doing this with my kiddos. :)


  2. LOVE your poem/pic idea! Would you be interested in selling it in your store or personalizing it? I would totally buy it. I don't have the software to make it all cute like yours!!

  3. I've used this poem for years, but love your cute template. Can you tell me what graphics collection you used for the template, it's adorable!


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