Help Me with Homework! (A Linky Party)

Alright, I knew I'd have to start one of these for myself one of these days.... why not today? No one peed on the playground. No one threw a hissy fit tantrum. No one brought pickles for snack! There was a boy, however, who informed me while taking his DIBELS nonsense word fluency probe that he "knows about all sorts of nonsense, Mrs. Scoma." Ha! :) 

So, the idea: since we got a new reading series this year mid-year (Storytown), we are wanting to create homework that is meaningful and helps the kiddos transfer their new knowledge. So... what do YOU do for homework? Is it weekly? Is it daily? Many subjects? Just literacy? Do you tie it into your reading series? I want to get a good head start on this project of mine so that when August rolls around I'm all set and ready to go. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Please join in on the party below... and tell your friends that they're invited, too!! :-)
(to the lovely person/people who left me 2 ideas already... I realized I set up the wrong kind of Linky!! oops!)



  1. I've been using Storytown for 2 or 3 years (it's becoming a blur in my mind) and this website is a fabulous resource! I've really only looked at the 1st grade part of it so I don't know what's offered on the other levels. It even has printable weekly homework. I've never used it as homework, but I've used tons of other stuff from this site. If you didn't know about it already, I hope you find it useful.

    F is For First Grade

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I do love this site... the vocab stuff is fantastic :) I'm looking for something a little meatier for the homework, but I am looking at what they've got as a good foundation! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so glad you're doing this linky party. We got a new adoption just before school started and we love it, but it's been a lot to digest. (We have Journeys) I have struggled with figuring out homework and I am on the same page as you are. I want to get everything set over the summer for next year.

  4. UUUGGGHHH! Homework is a sharp thorn in my side. I revamped my homework plan last summer. Each week I sent home a Graphic organizer for the kids to complete, only one a week, they also had to write 3 stories each week. I gave them numerous topics to write about or they could choose their own topic. I felt like these were activities that were more aligned with what we were doing in class. WELL it all bombed miserably!!! Mid year I went back to using Workbook pages. I am hoping to revamp homework again next year.

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  6. In my students' take home folders I put a passage, each week and usually from their 'get started' story (off pcboe) or something aligned with my theme for the week...their parents have a monthly calendar in the folder (all in plastic sleeves) where they sign and date that their child read the passage a couple of times each night. If the kids do their HW for the month, they get a prize. I try not to put too much pressure on HW b/c a lot of my kids don't have parents that can/will help them. Of course, with my struggling students, I usually ask during a conference if the parents would be interested in HW, etc..if they are, then I try to send home flash cards, games, books, etc and a place for the parent to sign off that they used it and make comments about how their child did, etc... But I don't ever count it as required. In the past, I have used bags I have found at Target in the $1 section to hold their HW supplies (that they are checking out-)... they are excited and can keep it as long as they need to complete it.


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