(I have to say Sorry in advance... my camera is still at school, so some pics will have to come later! I know, boooooring!)

Tonight was our First Grade Musical, LEMONADE! My kiddos transformed into various characters, such as:
* 2 of the 3 Little Pigs (they had to wear pink shirts, and one of my tiny boys walked in wearing his little sister's size 3T bright pink shirt! When asked about his shirt, his response was to shake his pink corkscrew tail and say, "It's not the shirt that makes the man!" haha! LOVE!)
* Little Miss Muffett (complete with frilly dress, ringlet curls, and a high pitched scream!)
* Miss Muffett's Spider friend (who caused the above scream...)
* Little Boy Blue (with his trumpet to blow!)
* Sleeping Beauty (whose jeans were poking out from underneath her too-itchy dress... cute!!)
* A Billy Goat Gruff with drawn on beard
* Jack's Mom (of jack and the Beanstalk fame)
* and Mother Goose, herself!!!

The musical was absolutely adorable, save for the screaming baby that was not taken out of the gym, so the poor kids had to sing/speak SUPER loudly... I think I was more bothered by it than they were! Buuuut, they were fantastic and I loved every second of their performance!! :-)


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