Help me with... A Sports Theme! :)

Our school chooses a new theme very year to base our State Assessment assemblies and whatnot around. This really helps the kids to get excited about learning, even down in the first grade level!

The winning theme for next year is all about Sports... so I want to hear some great ideas you've used that can be based around that theme - classroom decoration, welcome boards, management systems, language in the classroom, etc! I'll cal our class a "team" and let them know I'm their "coach," but I want to go further than that and have a lot of fun with the big idea!

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your weekend!! The end is in sight... only 16 1/2 more days for us! :-)



  1. I am also doing a sports theme next year! Mts. Randall posted about her class points http://randalllearninglibrary.blogspot.com/ and I am going to do this next year. I also ordered a sign from Oriental Trading http://bit.ly/k91O2T to personalize and hang on my door. I love the idea of calling the class a team and yourself "Coach." Cute, even for my fourth graders! Good Luck!

    Go Fourth! With Owens

  2. I had a team theme for my wedding website www.teamtabb.com

    But for a classrom, you could do cute bulletin board with your students as the "starting line up" nominate team captains, hold instructional olympics,....hmmm..I'll keep thinking! =)

    Mrs. Tabb

  3. *Make a baseball diamond or football field- have this be your display for how many points students are earning for reading. When they reach the goal it could be- you've made a home run or you've hit it out of the park.
    *Incentive "we caught ya" type tickets but have it be sports themed (caught ya being a good sport etc)
    *Team Roster- job chart

    Love the starting line up, team captains, coach type ideas. You could give them clipboards to add to the "responsibility look" and team work building activities.

    Have fun with this!

  4. We use yearly themes with AR and had a different sport every quarter this year. You can track student progress (academics, behavior, progress toward a reward, etc) on a giant football field...moving down 10 yards every time they get closer. Or you could count down to the test that way! We also played a Teacher vs. Student basketball game in our assembly...everyone loved it, even the staff! :) Blow a whistle to get their attention, their cubbies became lockers, the bathroom was the locker room...etc. And the girls who weren't into the sports theme made tissue paper pom poms. I hope you get a lot of good ideas!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten


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