Have you heard this excuse before???

No, no, not from a student! This excuse came from a parent in my room today... Please stick with me; it'll be worth it, I promise!!! It even involves the mafia... :)

We were asked to call families that hadn't filled out their Summer School enrollment papers yet, so I called my one little girl's house to talk to her mom.

(Background info that's important here: this mom has something wrong all the time... either hernias or breathing problems or allergies to things such as carpet and cockroaches. Also, the mom is on oxygen all of the time for her COPD, and she doesn't leave the house hardly ever. I had the older sister 5 years ago and never once met the parents, and that hasn't changed so far this year!)

Ok, back to my story... So I call Mom, and she tells me she had 6 teeth pulled this morning, so I tell her I'll keep it short and sweet b/c I'm sure her mouth hurts. I proceed with my schpeel about Summer School, and she tells me that she won't  be enrolling her daughter. When I repeat that it's FREE for them, including breakfast and lunch, she tells me that they will be going to Mexico. Apparently, her mother in law is in trouble with the mafia down there.

Yep, the MAFIA in Mexico has been coming to her house at night and destroying things. And... 3 days ago, her son was kidnapped by the MAFIA and held ransom for all of their money. Soooo, after school's over, they're traveling there to make sure she gets to a safer location. So, my student won't be going to Summer School.

*Just so you know, I'm not being mean here... this Mom has all sorts of excuses, and after confirming that this is not a true story with my principal, I've decided that it is instead the CRAZIEST excuse I've ever heard!!!*

Can you top it?? Please share your wildest excuses! :-)



  1. Wow, that is CRAZY!! I don't even know how I would respond to that! :)


  2. You'll have to read my post, but girl, you have earned 13 cents!


  3. TOO FUNNY! Ok. This brought to mind the father who a few years ago said this about not helping his son with his homework: "Well, I was working on the loading dock with a fork lift and somehow I turned that thing over on myself and cut off both my arms and a leg. When they loaded me into the ambulance I said to them, Just give me a cigarette and I'll be ok. Sure enough they gave me a cigarette, sewed both my arms back on and now I'm good as new. So, you see, it has been a busy weekend and that is why R. doesn't have his work done." This 'gentleman' also said he worked for the secret service, had a degree in computer engineering with a minor in, wait for it, barbecueing and frying chicken. I kid you not. Made for an interesting year!

  4. Great excuse! Lol! I've heard plenty, but this is a new one :)

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  5. I so was thinking that she was playing Mafia Wars on Facebook lol I have heard of families not attending because they were farming.... on FarmVille lol


  6. Mine is not nearly as wild as your but here I go.

    My first year teaching I had a student that did know know how to write her name... in 1st grade. I worked with her a great deal and she finally learned it. When I talked to mom about having her practice this skill at home she told me she had never taught her because she did not want her teaching her daughter this life skill to get in the way of my teaching. :o Her name Really??? I was shocked. Once I pulled my self together I assured her that teaching life skills was very valuable and WOULD NOT get in the way of anything I was teaching. I felt it was a way of getting out of teaching her child anything. UGH

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  7. Great stories! Next time I want to get out of something I may use the Mexican Mafia excuse!

  8. Oh my WORD! I am in tears after reading this and some of the others' stories. Too funny!!!


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