I’m trying something new…

A few months back, Cara at The First Grade Parade suggested switching over to Windows Live Writer to create blog posts. I decided tonight (instead of working on more school stuff) to give it a whirl!

So far, so good… What about you guys?? Do you still use Blogger or did you get sick of it like I did! It seemed to give me so many problems, so I quit! :-) I’m loving how there’s a toolbar up here that looks like I’m typing in Word or Power Point! I’m so comfortable with those programs, that this just makes sense!

Thanks, Cara, for the suggestion!

Also, I think I LOVE short weeks! Every week should be 4 little days with a  long 3 day weekend… don’t you think?!? We seemed to get a lot accomplished this week, and my kiddos had a treeeeee-mendous day today! I love it when I can enjoy a nice {competitive} game of Memory with two of my little beauties during indoor recess… PS – they totally kicked. my. tail. !!Milton Bradley Memory Board GameOn another note, tomorrow evening I’m attending the funeral for the little baby brother of my student that passed away this week; I’m going with her Kindergarten teacher. I’m pretty sure this will be unlike any service I’ve ever attended… I’ve never been to a service for anyone that wasn’t an adult. So sad. :(



  1. I'm just so happy that you're going. My son passed away at 2 days old and so many people didn't come to the service because they didn't think they could handle it. I ended up feeling unsupported and hurt. Showing up is all that matters some times...

  2. Having lost a child, I highly recommend that you go. Remember you are going to the service to support the living. If you feel like you don't know what to say, don't worry about that. When my son died, I just wanted people to listen to my story and support me. You will be glad you attended.


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