My heart hurts.

Well, folks, I heard of some news this morning that I have never had to deal with before. One of my beautiful little girls' little adorable baby brother passed away suddenly yesterday.

We know no details.. she wasn't at school today (we only found out because Mom called the office this morning with the quick explanation of why my darling was going to be absent), but she will probably be back tomorrow.

After the shock and tears passed this morning, my head couldn't stop spinning... poor family! Poor little 6-year-old big sister who is left not understanding why her 5 month old baby brother is gone. I cannot even imagine, you guys.

What are your suggestions? How do I handle this and the questions that will come from my class tomorrow? How do I let this little one know I am here for her and it's okay to cry and be angry and take it easy? I've had parents pass away while I've had their child, but never a sibling and never so suddenly.  My heart is hurting for everyone involved, and I can't wait to give my student a great big hug... it's all I know I can offer her for sure right now.



  1. I will be thinking of your student, her family, you and your class. I wish I had something to offer to help make this situation easier for everyone. I'm sorry.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about this, I really wish I knew more of a way to help. You all are in my prayers. Have you checked out books that heal kids? Her blog is great for ideas on sharing tough situations with the class!

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden

  3. I am so sorry! What a terrible loss! Many years ago I had a 3rd grader whose infant brother died of SIDS. He was out of school for several days. The guidance counselor came and talked to our class. I searched for books to help the students understand (I did not keep a record of which ones). We also made cards for the child and everyone tried to do nice things for him when he returned. I did notice behavior changes and eventually found out that he was afraid to go to sleep because he thought he might "die in his sleep" like his brother did. Once this concern was addressed he was happier and able to sleep. I am thinking of you!

  4. last year one of my students moms gave birth to a baby that was a dwarf, they knew ahead of time she was going to be dwarf, so he(my student, I teach 2nd grade) knew his sister would be tiny and might look a little different when she was born. Well she was born with tons of complications, she lived about 6 weeks and I don't think she ever came home from the hospital before she died. My student missed about a week of school. I decided I would not tell the other kids because I didn't want them to be upset. When he came back he only mentioned the baby for a day or two and then that was it. So i was glad that I hadn't told the whole class.
    I would probably wait to see how your student seems when they come back and then take it from there.


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